• Convenience

    As a client, you have the flexibility to order concrete according particular specifications and delivered to your site when you want it; where you want it.

  • Quality

    KCP’S easy build mix is manufactured under stringent quality control procedure. KCP has its own internal concrete testing laboratory where testing and analysis of the constituent materials is carried out, trial mixes are done, cubes are tested and each and every result analyzed by our concrete laboratory technologist. This means the buyer gets exactly what they ordered.

  • Speed and flexibility

    On a construction site: - time is money! Large quantity concrete is supplied and placed within a matter of hours.

  • Cost efficiency

    often contractors look at the price per m3 and then presume that site mixed concrete is cheaper. However, when one looks at the losses as a result of damage, theft, wastage, the calculation is not clear cut. The use of ready mix reduces labor costs on site. The costs therefore are about equal, so it becomes a matter of taste and convenience.

  • Productivity

    Construction companies are under pressure to produce more square meters of structures, quicker and at the lowest possible price. To achieve this, every person onsite needs to be productively employed every hour of the day. The use of ready mix enables clients to use the labor effectively in other more meaningful works.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Ready-mix usage is also environmentally friendly as it eliminates off any noise or dust pollution in and around the site and also reduces risk of accidents at the sites.


    Our quality control team is composed of a highly qualified and experienced Registered Consultant Engineer and Senior Quality Inspector/Technologist with vast experience in mass concrete works having been in the field for almost decades. They are always on the forefront to keep up with new trends in Ready Mix Quality Control and ensure strict scrutiny and examination of every single Cubic Meter of Ready Mix Concrete.

All our concrete classes are manufactured to Kenyan standards and EN standards

Type Class Mix Packing
Ready Mix Concrete C15 Skip Mix
Pump Mix

Residential customers can pick up ready mix concrete with their own trucks with different capacities.

Get Ready Mix delivered directly to your jobsite

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